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What is Tooth Extraction?

An Exodontia, commonly known as Tooth Extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the alveolar bone when it cannot be saved because of tooth decay, periodontal disease, or dental trauma.

A surgical dental extraction is necessary for teeth that have not fully emerged through the gums or that have been broken beneath the gum line.

Why is Tooth Removal Necessary?

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Tooth Extraction Procedure

local anaesthesia & tooth preparation


Local anaesthesia & tooth preparation

By injecting a medication, the dentist numbs the region that will be treated. A periosteal elevator is used for tooth removal from the gum attachment.
local anaesthesia & tooth preparation
tooth extraction procedure


Actual extraction

A small or large elevator is then used to further separate the tooth once the socket has been widened. The whole tooth is then removed using forceps.
tooth extraction procedure
Post tooth extraction socket care


Post extraction socket care

The last of the debris is taken out of the socket and compressed. The bone edges are filed after the socket has been rinsed. In order to stop the bleeding, gauze is placed at the extraction site.
Post tooth extraction socket care
Post tooth extraction care


Post treatment care

Antibiotics or painkillers may be recommended. If the extraction site is larger, sutures may be used to help the soft tissue properly close. After 7–10 days, the patient is called to schedule suture removal.
Post tooth extraction care

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I went to Dezy to get a tooth out. Also, my father wouldn't stop gushing about how wonderful Dezy was for his implant therapy, so I HAD to get it done there. I must say that it was all worthwhile. The doctor was very pleasant and knowledgeable. The procedure was completely comfortable and painless. I recommend Dezy to anyone in need of dental care.




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I recently had all four of my wisdom teeth out, along with an additionally impacted molar, and I must say that Dezy and the team are incredible. Wonderfully cordial and skilled. I'd definitely advise getting a treatment done here.




Amazed by their service

After contacting various doctors for several days in an effort to acquire an emergency appointment, I got in touch with Dezy. I was turned down because my case was a little complicated even though I needed a tooth out and was in excruciating agony. After getting in touch with Dezy, I was given a next-day appointment. The dentist was very kind and thoroughly talked me through the procedure before beginning. Anyone in need should consider Dezy, in my opinion.



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When to get tooth extraction?

Severe tooth decay

When tooth decay spreads to the pulp, which is located in the core of the tooth, decay occurs. By invading the pulp, the bacteria cause infections.

Periodontal disease

An infection of the gums, periodontal ligaments, alveolar bone, and other tissues around the teeth is called periodontal disease.

Impacted tooth

When a tooth is prevented from coming out by tissue or when the gums have not fully erupted, the tooth is said to be impacted. This frequently occurs with wisdom teeth.


To relieve overcrowding of the mouth, one or more teeth may need to be extracted.

Damage due to accident

The first choice is always to keep the patient's teeth when an event, such as a vehicle crash, occurs and the patient needs dental care. If the dental problem is severe, tooth extraction can be necessary.
when should get tooth extraction

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Frequently asked questions


What are wisdom teeth?

Most people develop their third and final set of molars, or wisdom teeth, in their teenage years or early twenties.


How much does wisdom tooth extraction cost in India?

According to the tooth's position and the degree of deformity, the cost of removing wisdom teeth in India can range from INR 600 to INR 10,500.


What to eat after tooth extraction?

Soft food substances like Yogurt, lukewarm soup, eggs, well-cooked pasta etc., are recommended after tooth extraction.


Does tooth extraction hurt?

Getting a tooth extracted is painful. However, to make the operation comfortable, your dentist will administer a local anesthetic, if required.


How to remove a tooth?

Your dentist will gently loosen your tooth and delicately take it out of its socket using special dental tools.


How long does the pain last after tooth extraction?

You could have pain and discomfort for three to seven days after having a tooth taken, especially if it was a molar. Make an appointment with your dentist if, however, after five days you are still experiencing severe pain.


How to reduce swelling after tooth extraction?

Up to two weeks may pass before the swelling completely goes away. Pain and swelling can both be lessened with the use of an ice pack or cold compress. To avoid causing skin damage, use ice by covering it in a towel.


Can you brush after tooth extraction?

Avoid brushing or rinsing your mouth for the first 24 hours following a tooth extraction, just to be cautious. After that, brush carefully and avoid brushing too close to the extraction site. Additionally, avoid gargling with water, mouthwash, or any other dental care liquid.


How long does an extracted tooth take to heal?

The size and position of the tooth, the patient's oral health, and the patient's compliance with aftercare recommendations are a few key aspects that can substantially affect the healing time from one person to another.


How long does an extracted tooth take to heal?

The size and position of the tooth, the patient's oral health, and the patient's compliance with aftercare recommendations are a few key aspects that can substantially affect the healing time from one person to another.
Tooth Extraction