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How long does Teeth Jewellery last?

Popularly known as tooth piercing, our tooth gems last as long as you desire. According to our experts, based on your choice, dental jewellery can shine from six months to a few years. Some of the most styled jewellery of all time are diamond teeth, gold teeth, teeth grills, tooth gems & crystals.

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How is Dental Jewellery placed?

tooth surface preparation & etching


Surface preparation & etching

Prior to the application of the jewel, the tooth surface should be prepped and then etched to clean the surface.
tooth surface preparation & etching
Jewellery gems placement on tooth


Jewel placement

Composite is applied on the tooth surface to ensure the gem can be attached to the tooth. The gem is then placed on the tooth surface with the help of special instruments.
Jewellery gems placement on tooth
setting up jewel in tooth



A special lamp or curing light is used to harden the composite and ensure that the jewel is in place.
setting up jewel in tooth

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People have told me I have a nice smile. I knew it can be much prettier if I could get jewellery dazzling on my teeth. One day, my co-worker told me about Dezy's Dental Jewellery and how amazing they were. I booked my appointment with them the next day and I have to say, I'm in love with the whole experience. Everything went perfectly and I sparkle every time I smile. Thank you Dezy for this amazing gift.




Love my new look :D

My smile is now more bright and I have a newfound love for my teeth thanks to Dezy's Dental Jewellery. I regret not getting it done sooner. Many thanks for my gleaming new appearance.




Best decision ever!

My glittering teeth and new smile have me giddy with delight. Your teeth-piercing surgery has greatly improved my sense of self. Thank you so much, Dezy!!



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How much does dental jewellery cost?

Dental Jewellery

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Frequently asked questions


What is tooth jewellery?

An ornament attached to the front of your teeth is called tooth jewellery. This fashion trend enables you to show your uniqueness via your grin, making it more distinctive and stylish.


How to fix dental jewellery?

The tooth is cleaned, dried, and etched to increase the jewel’s bonding strength. Using composite materials, the jewel is fixed in place and cured with a blue wavelength light.


Do dental jewellery hurt?

It is painless to get tooth jewels. The quick and painless method of placing a gem on your tooth eliminates the need for needles or surgery.


How much does dental jewellery cost?

Dental jewellery can range between Rs. 2000 to Rs.10,000 in India.


How long does dental jewellery last?

The majority of patients keep their tooth jewellery for anywhere between 6 months to 2 years; it is not thought of as a permanent aesthetic procedure but rather as a temporary one.


Can I remove teeth jewellery at home on my own?

Never try to take out a tooth gem by yourself. The gem will be glued to your tooth with a very strong adhesive, making removal difficult and very unpleasant without a dentist's help. Schedule a visit with your dentist if you want your tooth jewellery taken out.


How do I maintain my dental jewellery?

It's critical to keep up good dental hygiene after getting a tooth pierced. Once the jewellery is in place, try to avoid touching it. A dental exam should be scheduled every six months to ensure that the jewellery is not harming your teeth or gums.


What are the things to avoid after getting dental jewellery?

Practices like consuming hot or sticky meals and rigorous tooth cleaning should be avoided. It's critical to keep up good dental hygiene after getting a tooth pierced.
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