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What are Dentures?

Your dentist will create dentures, which are artificial teeth and gums that are fashioned to fit your mouth, to replace missing or extracted natural teeth.

A complete denture is a removable appliance utilised when all the teeth in a jaw have fallen out and need to be prosthetically replaced.

A partial denture, on the other hand, is employed .when there are some natural teeth still remaining. It comprises the denture base and artificial teeth.

Benefits of our Dentures

Natural and confident look

Dentures give you a confident and realistic appearance. Dentures will make your face look fuller and more youthful.

Easy maintenance

Dentures are simple to care for. Temporary dentures often just need a rinse after meals and can be cleaned inside or outside the mouth.

Radiant Smile

You can have a bright smile and a unified appearance, thanks to dentures.

Functional & Comfy

Modern dentures are made to mimic the appearance and function of real teeth while also being comfortable. The right fit could require a couple of dental appointments, but it is a modest price to pay for restored confidence in chewing and speaking.

How Complete Dentures Work

Diagnosis & impressions for dentures


Diagnosis & initial impressions

To determine whether the gums and soft tissue are healthy enough for new teeth, a complete oral examination including X-rays is performed.
Diagnosis & impressions for dentures
mouth border moulding impression


Border moulding and secondary impressions

A second impression is taken on a tray that is specifically made for your mouth, while border moulding ensures that the contour and size of the mouth vestibule are accurately duplicated.
mouth border moulding impression
jaw records and tooth selection


Jaw relation records and tooth selection

The top and lower teeth must be properly aligned in order for the denture to fit snugly. To achieve a correct bite, dentists utilise a loose-fitting denture and a rim of wax to determine the approximate positioning.
jaw records and tooth selection
wax trial & denture


Wax - trial & denture try-in

During this appointment, you can make any last-minute adjustments to the size and finalise your dentures’ appearance.
wax trial & denture
denture set delivery


Doorstep delivery

The whole set of dentures will be sent to your address. After three days, we will reach out to you for a check-up.
denture set delivery

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I spent months looking for the "ideal" dress to wear to my son's wedding, but I ended up getting more compliments on my smile than my outfit! I had a gorgeous smile that day because of Dezy. My teeth feel and look completely normal. I frequently forget my dentures until someone compliments me. Thanks again, Dezy, for my terrific smile.




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I got my dentures from Dezy. It's astonishing how much more self-assured I now feel as a result of my improved smile. Even my husband said he can tell that I am confident. Wish I had visited Dezy sooner.



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Types of Dentures

Partial Dentures

A removable partial denture often comprises replacement teeth fastened to a foundation made of pink or gum-coloured plastic. Occasionally, the base and the metal framework are joined to keep the denture in place in the mouth.

Complete Dentures

When it comes to complete dentures, it might either be ‘immediate’ or ‘conventional’. A conventional denture is prepared for use in the mouth around eight to twelve weeks after the teeth have been extracted and the gum tissue has started to recover. Immediate dentures may be put in place as soon as the teeth are extracted since they are created in advance.

denture types

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Frequently asked questions


What are the types of dentures?

There are two types of dentures. Complete and partial. Depending on your needs, we will choose the option that suits you best.


Are dentures safe?

Yes, dentures are generally very safe. We highly recommend you maintain strict oral hygiene while wearing dentures so you don’t develop an infection or inflammation.


Are dentures hard to get used to?

When wearing new dentures for the first time, they might be uncomfortable. The average person finds that it takes them four weeks or around one month to become used to their new dentures and feel entirely at ease with them.


Can dentures be repaired?

Denture teeth that are cracked or fractured may typically be fixed without any issues. After collecting the necessary dimensions and matching the colour to the other denture teeth, a dentist would often extract the damaged tooth and replace it with a replacement tooth.


Can dentures be remoulded?

In most circumstances, it is doable and is accomplished by applying a layer of paraffin wax for jaw registration. Until the right jaw connection is established, the dentist might repeat the registration process.


Can I sleep with partial dentures?

Dentures can be worn at night, although it is advised to take them out. In order to allow your gums and bone a chance to recover from the strain of the denture during the day, you should take out your dentures at night.


How to clean dentures?

To get rid of food, plaque, and other deposits, soak them and brush them with a soft-bristled brush and nonabrasive denture cleaner. Clean the grooves that fit against your gums if you use denture adhesive to get rid of any leftover glue. Denture cleaners shouldn't be used in the mouth. Let dentures soak all night.


What is the cost of dentures in India?

Depending on the material chosen by the patient, dentures in India might cost anywhere from Rs. 12,000 and Rs. 85,000.
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