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CBCT scans and treatment plan Review

A CBCT scan helps doctors understand your teeth structure better. Later, our Implantologists will assess your scans and design a customized treatment plan for you. This plan will map your implant journey in detail so you know exactly what to expect. Your go-ahead is all we need. Once you’re fully satisfied with your treatment plan, make your investment to initiate your treatment,

CBCT scan and treatment plan review


Creation of your customized implants

Your implants will then be 3D printed at our world-class facility ensuring ultimate precision and care. Your implantologist will schedule a surgery date at your convenience once your implants are ready.

creating customized implants


Implant surgery

On the scheduled date, your implant is fixed into place with a temporary cap attached on top. All our implants are made of premium, authentic, and biocompatible materials because you deserve the best care. After the surgery, the Implantologist will instruct you on post-operative care and answer all your concerns related to food, oral hygiene etc.

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Progress monitoring

We promise to stay by your side throughout the treatment. Your progress and healing will be monitored frequently with regular in-clinic follow-ups with your assigned Implantologist.

Progress monitoring

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