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At Dezy, we work on your smile even before we work on your teeth.

Almost every one grows up dreading the dentist. Dental problems seldom come alone. They bring with them anxiety, fear, confusion, and not to mention, pain. In a world of misinformation and misbeliefs, we want to restore smiles with precision, clarity, kindness, and knowledge.

We believe that when people have clarity, they are at ease and can make informed decisions about their dental healthcare. At Dezy, we take dental care anxiety off the table so next time, visiting a dentist will be an easy, happy decision.

The team behind making dental, easy.

Meet the founders

Dr. Jatin Kakrani


MDS Prosthodontics, BDS - Gold medalist, Implantologist, Digital Dentistry Trainer

Hitesh Kakrani


Chief Executive Officer, IIM Lucknow Alumnus, P&G - Top Rated, Bachelor in Pharmacy

Our Dynamic Team

Dr. Anil Nafria

Dr. Harmeet Kaur

Dr. Vishakha Bhindi

Dr. Sachin Bhat

Dr. Priyanka Arora

Dr. Sanaf

Dr. Sushma

Dr. Spurthy

Dr. Franklin

Dr. Pavan

Dr. Rashmi

Dr. Meghna

Dr. Ankur

Experience the finest technology only at Dezy

We make investments in cutting-edge technology like 3D printers, 30-second X-ray equipment, and intra-oral scanners to improve your clinic experience. With the use of this equipment, We make extremely precise diagnoses, create finer restorations, provide more stunning aesthetic results, and keep you smiling.

About Us

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About Dezy

About Us


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