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Free consultation with Expert Dentists | Upfront cost estimates with a 0% EMI option | 100% covid-safe and sterilized clinics | Dental precision powered by cutting-edge AI technology


Book a free scan at home or in-clinic


Book a free scan at home or in-clinic

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The Dezy Advantage

Expert Care

Dedicated team of dental specialists curated by renowned clinicians, who each come with 7 years of experience or more.

Certified Clinics

Feel-good environment with adherence to highest quality protocols, 100% sterilization and best-in-class technology.

Honest Pricing

Up-front, honest pricing with no hidden costs, commissions, or referral fees. You will have complete clarity on estimated treatment costs from the very beginning.

The Dezy Promise

We guarantee an easy, hassle-free dental experience that will make you look forward to visiting the dentist. If you are still disappointed, reach out to us for a complete refund.

Expert dentists behind that perfect smile

All our dentists are specialists with 7 & more years of experience.

Dr. Priyanka Arora

MDS (Orthodontics)

Dr. Harmeet Kaur

MDS (Orthodontics)

Dr Vishakha Bhindi

MDS (Orthodontics)

Dr. Sachin Bhat

MDS (Orthodontics)

Dr. Sanaf

MDS (Orthodontics)

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Frequently asked questions


Within how much time should I expect the Dezy team to get in touch with me after I post a query?

You will get an instant confirmation via WhatsApp and a call within 24 hours of raising a query. Alternatively, you can call 7618792440.


Are all your dentists experts?

Yes, all treatments are delivered by Dentists who are Masters of Dental Surgery in their respective fields and have 7+ years of experience.


Are you more popular for aligners or regular dental services?

We are very popular for our aligner kits but we are very popular for our wide range of services such as implants, veneers, root canals, extractions, and fillings amongst others.


Can I choose the dentist I want the treatment from?

Sure, you may. Though you will be assigned the best dentist for your requirement based on their specialization. You can go ahead with your assigned dentist or choose another one if you like.


Will I get the same doctor each time I visit?

Normally a dentist is assigned to your case from beginning to the end, but if you require any specialized treatment, you may be required to see a different specialist.


How are you able to provide a cost lower than other dental clinics?

This is because we do not charge high referral commissions to get you the right specialist. Apart from that, we source all our equipment directly from authentic importers and manufacturers helping us control costs without compromising on quality.


Is the first consultation always free?

Yes, at Dezy your first interaction with us is free.


Do you have same-day appointments? If not how long does one have to wait to get an appointment?

Yes, we do have the option of same-day appointments though this may not be temporarily available due to the pandemic. In that case, you will be intimated of your appointment - it should not take more than 24 hours for a clinic appointment.


Is digital/remote monitoring as effective as in-clinic visits to the dentist?

Yes, absolutely, if your case is special or requires a visit we will intimate you of the same.


What type of technology do you use?

As a technologically advanced company, Dezy uses the best-in-class dental AI tech and 3D printing for a seamless experience.


Will I get the same service across clinics?

Yes, we offer a standardized experience and a feel-good factor across all clinics. We adhere to the highest quality protocols, 100% sterilization, and the best technology in each Dezy clinic.


If I make one appointment at a particular location, can my follow-up appointment be at a different Dezy location?

Yes, this should not be an issue at all.


Where can I express my grievance if I am not satisfied?

You can reach out to the clinic directly, call us on +91 7618792440, or WhatsApp us on +91-7618792440. Every customer is our priority and we will offer a quick resolution to your concern.


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