The simple and ordinary act of smiling is highly underrated. We smile every day and for various reasons. But do you know that smiling fully and wholeheartedly helps you stay healthy?

Yes, that’s right!

Smiling isn’t only about flexing your muscles to display an emotion. It’s not limited to expressing yourself. 

Smiling is, in fact, great for mental, physical, and oral health. This article will spotlight the top 5 benefits of smiling.

"Teeth aren’t pearly until you smile." - Anthony Liccione

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Smiling

top 5 Benefits of smiling

1. Smile your way to Great Immunity

Your body’s ability to fight infections or ward off the seasonal flu with ease depends solely on the strength of your immune system.

We have plenty of immunity boosters on the market and OTC medications that aid in keeping our immune systems strong. But who needs tablets and capsules when you can boost your immune system with a simple smile?

When you smile, your brain releases neurotransmitters that help you stay calm and relaxed. When you’re in a tranquil state of mind and being, your immune system automatically functions better. 

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2. Smile to enhance your Mood

Also known as a grin, a beam, or a smirk, a smile can help you feel good instantly. Every time you smile or even fake smile, you trick your brain into discharging mood-enhancing hormones and neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine.

So, what does your mood have anything to do with your health? The answer is everything. When you feel good, you boost your productivity levels and ability to heal from physical pain to feel naturally happy and upbeat.

When such positive emotions are at play, nothing can go wrong with you physically, emotionally, or mentally.

3. Smile to Lessen Pain

When you feel pain, what do you look for in a drug? Typically, one looks for a pain-relieving formula that also helps you feel less stressed, light-hearted, and jovial. 

What if we told you that your smile is one such formula that can diminish all your painful troubles in one, effortless sweep?

Smiling helps release endorphins, natural molecules that relieve pain, and serotonin which helps you heal and recover from pain. Truth be told, your smile is the best medicine for physical and emotional pain. 

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4. Smile to Control Blood Pressure

Unlike laughing, which increases your heart rate and gives you a shot of adrenaline, smiling is a more soothing and pleasant way to lower your blood pressure. 

When you’re stressed, anxious, or feeling the physical and mental impacts of trauma, breaking into a subtle smile can help you feel balanced and calm.

All your heart needs is a bit of peace to control blood pressure and make sure it’s beating at a normal pace. This can be achieved by smiling a little every day.

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5. Smile your way to Positivity 

Trying to stay as positive as possible is a lot of hard work, sometimes. Are you wondering, “How do I remain calm and positive when something bad happens?” Well, the answer to this question is: Put your smile on. 

Force it, if need be, but smile nevertheless because smiling can help you reduce anxiety and deal with a negative thought, emotion, or situation productively.

Dealing with emotional and physical stresses with a smile can aid in bringing you out of uncomfortable and sticky situations. This, in turn, will boost your confidence, your mental health, and your physical wellness.


Smiling has an enormous impact on how you view yourself and the world around you. Smiling is contagious and an amazing way to share your emotions and feelings with the people in your immediate surroundings. 

Smiling often can easily increase your lifespan by a few years. So, what’s in a smile? Pretty much, everything you need for health and happiness!